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Customer Support

We give you one-to-one support via e-mail. Generally, we respond within 24 hours. If a problem cannot be solved by e-mail, we schedule a Skype meeting with you.

Cloud Server

Play almost video hostings in your jwplayer, currently it supports: Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive, Google Photos, OneDrive, Mp4Upload, Dropbox, Vimeo, Youtube …

Brand and Monetize

You can impose the cover of a book over a video as a watermark, linking it to a sales page or affiliate page like Clickbank, Amazon, etc,. where visitors can buy the book that is discussed in the interview.

Closed Captions

Since JWplayer 6,x it is possible to include multiple subtitle files to one video. This means you can serve different languages for each media using .vtt or .srt subtitles. If you have an international audience, this feature may serve you very well.

Simple to Use

The shortcode is more user friendly and rebuild from scratch

Protect Media

Protect your media from unauthorized sharing and theft because it adds an extra layer of protection by using encrypte url.


In your JWplayer account you can check the performance of your videos

Poster Images

With your own poster image, you control exactly what the first impression will be and by adding text in the image, you inform your visitor about the content of the video, thus creating a certain expectation.

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