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How to Find the URL of a File for Acplayer

How to Find the URL of a File for Acplayer 1. Google Drive Step 1 : Share that video Step 2 : Get shareable link[ID]/view?usp=sharing 2. Google Photos Step 1 : Share that video Step 2 : Get the short link Step 3 : Paste to Web Browser Step 4 Get the full link after load[ID]?key=[Key] 3. OneDrive Step 1 : Share the file Step 2 : Get the short link Step 3 : Paste to Web Browser Step 4 : Click to embed, get the link[CID]&resid=[ID]&authkey=[Authkey]   4. Amazon Cloud Drive Step 1 : [...]

Jwplayer New Features – What is the Difference ?

This blog post explores its new features and improvements. New Sharing and Related Plugins We’ve modernized our sharing and related plugins to adhere to the design principles of JW7. Both plugins now feature: Customizable CSS-based skinning Vector-based icons Brand new APIs for measuring interaction and engagement New customization options and features Improved Social Sharing In addition to our three previous “Facebook, Twitter, and Email” social networks, we’ve gone ahead and included an additional five networks, all of which have had their icons recreated in SVG format. This [...]

Adding Closed Captions – Subtitles to Jwplayer

JW Player 7 supports the rendering of closed captions or subtitles in the video display. These captions can be selected by viewers through the CC button. Here is an example, using a single language. The CC button then acts as a toggle: For multiple languages, the CC button will show a language selection menu. Click here to load multiple languages for above example video (or toggle back to single CC). Supported Formats JW Player 7 currently supports captions in three formats: WebVTT, a [...]

HTML5 compatibility with Acplayer

Acplayer  is HTML5 compatible, therefore iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices can play videos and audio via our plugin. The technique works like this: When JW player discovers that Flash is supported by the browser, it will play your video with all the features offered by the plugin. When it discovers a browser that does not supports Flash  but supports HTML5, it will trigger the Flash fail-over feature and switch to HTML5 mode where it plays the video without [...]