Adding Closed Captions – Subtitles to Jwplayer

Adding Closed Captions – Subtitles to Jwplayer

JW Player 7 supports the rendering of closed captions or subtitles in the video display. These captions can be selected by viewers through the CC button. Here is an example, using a single language. The CC button then acts as a toggle:

For multiple languages, the CC button will show a language selection menu. Click here to load multiple languages for above example video (or toggle back to single CC).

Supported Formats

JW Player 7 currently supports captions in three formats:

  • WebVTT, a plain text format that’s part of the HTML5 standard.
    VTT is required to render tracks on iOS Fullscreen
  • SRT, a plain text format that’s popular amongst file sharers.
  • DFXP, an older XML-based captions format.

Note that captions are not supported when using Youtube content

VTT captions are strongly preferred, since they are part of the HTML5 standard and will work across more browsers (Namely iOS in full screen). JW Player supports both formats in non-fullscreen in both Flash and HTML5 modes. As of JW 7.3, playback in fullscreen on iOS can be accomplished when using VTT captions. The player will intelligently attach a VTT track element when Safari is detected.

Note JW Player also supports captions embedded in the stream for HTTP Live Streaming. See CEA-608 Closed Captions in HLS for more info.
If you are seeing “Unknown Captions” during HLS Playback on iOS, your manifest may need to be edited. Please see this article from Apple for more information



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